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How much does it cost to manufacture a backpack?

When you ask this question, you consider two things: how many backpacks do you want to make? where are you going to make them?

Private label backpack manufacturers in China are very common. The relationship with your supplier, determines the success of your manufacturing opportunity. We have a decade of experience in China working with all kinds of custom backpack & bag development.

The unit cost of manufacturing 100,000 bags is about 15% lower than that of 1,0000 bags. Backpack production costs for any item are a mix of fixed and variable costs. There are many variables to consider. Among them: Whenever it comes to the question of the cost, it depends a lot on the quantity. For example, if you need one sample, choose from backpack manufacturer’s ready backpack? or have it private label backpack custom made?

And usually, when our worker sew the backpacks. At the beginning, they are new design. The workers sew slowlier at first, and as time goes by, their speed can improved step by step. That’s also why if long time cooperation, the backpack price can be better.

How do you make a backpack?

The process of making backpack

Design diagram is the first step of backpack design, should be able to reflect the design concept, fashion trend, market prediction, materials used, color, size and other conditions. We have been in-depth and detailed analysis of consumer psychological needs, our brand is well received by consumers. Bag design belongs to the category of art and practical design, which is generally composed of three directions: custom backpack material selection, color matching and design.

1. Material selection is also the basis of bag design. Natural leather, PU fabric and composite material are the main fabrics of bag products, which reflect the performance and style characteristics of the whole bag.

2. Design of style: the design effect drawing takes drawing, sketch, color, pattern and other artistic basis as the basic quality requirements.

3, Color collocation, any form of personalized backpacks must be able to express through color. Custom made backpacks color has a rich expression, can convey a certain emotional charm, and convey the emotional reflection of the information.

In bag design, the second step is to make the model according to the paint with good design. Design extension on the template paper. If symmetrical components, such as fan, wall, cover and the bottom of the bag bag. Only need to draw an outline of the half, then, the symmetry axis trace or other pointed instruments with the awl. And along the symmetry axis can fold in half to complete the other half, will folded in half, cut the parts. Due to the fat surface of the inclusion, we need a curved sheet, which is like cylinder surface in life.

Backpack rough shape cutting is the first step in the production of backpack. The quality of rough shape cutting affects the quality of products. So, backpack cutting is one of the more technical processes. The steps of cutting are etching, polishing, waxing, punching, molding. and cutting, assembling, forming, forming, bending, hot pressing.

Mesa technology divided into four categories:

1. Chipping is to make the edges of parts and products into certain specifications. According to the technological requirements, meet the requirements of the next process.

2. The modification and inlaying of parts' edges are used in cases and bags. Edge modification and splicing are carried out on the basis of edge. It is also the basis of suture. The trimming of the edge includes dyeing edge, folding edge, edging, piping edge, raising edge and so on.

3. Adhesive technology refers to the fabric and the box. or lining through the adhesive into a process. The bonding process can divid into three - dimensional parts of the bonding. and the plane parts of the two types of bonding.

4. Stitching is the main means to connect parts and components of products. The stitching process is the main part in the operation of luggage and bags.

After each step of processing, product is likely to contaminated. It needs to be cleaned and rubbed. At the same time, due to the requirements of modeling and design. A series of modifications and finishing work are required. Including: cleaning, plastic, repair, repair, hardware accessories, anti-corrosion treatment. Most packaging into finished products.

From stamping to integral stitching, the whole process has gone through more than 230 procedures, each of which has been strictly checked.

What is the best material for a backpack?

It is usually made of polyester and nylon.

Polyester is high strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, light resistance. Easy to absorb odor, such as the smell of sweat on the body. If you carry this backpack for a long time, the backpack will remain sweat odor, affecting the use.

Nylon is high wear resistance, light weight, good elasticity, and does not leave sweat odor.

Decide which fabric to use according to your needs. If you like to sweat, choose a backpack made of nylon. Polyester is recommended if the backpack is often worn in bright light.

At present, backpacks material include PU, canvas, cotton fiber. Oxford textile, cowhide, polyester, denim, woolen fabric, PVC and sheepskin. Different fabrics are suitable for different kinds of bags.

For travel bags, leather bags are not so suitable. For leisure or decorative bags, nylon ones are the main ones.

PU material products have developed in recent years. and become the most popular bag material in the market. So there are a lot of people who think this material is very good.

Where can I find a trusted backpack manufacturer?

We pride ourselves on doing OEM work well for a range of clients in china.

Treat each case and bag with craftsman's spirit, fully highlight the fine technology, fashionable appearance and humanized multi - function design, from design, material selection to perfect production, we always meticulously supervise each process. High quality requirements, suitable for backpack requirements fashion, importance and reliability of friends to buy. From stamping to integral stitching, the whole process has gone through more than 230 procedures, each of which has been strictly checked. Professional custom Backpack Manufacturing service based in China.

What kinds of companies do you work with?

we also for the majority of enterprises to provide OEM personalized customization. We have wholesale and other group buying business. We have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of companies. For example Bank of China, Baidu, China Mobile. Generally the theme is the same, in that people come to us when they want us to help visualise their idea. So if you have an idea and don't know where to start, get in touch.

Finally, attached is our designer's message:

We are not only producing products for customers, but also users of our products.

We integrates our own experience into the product research and development process.

We are developing and exploring , like our product users.


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