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Large Backpack

big boy backpack
big backpack
Backpack brands logo
big black backpack
Big backpack innovation - external USB charging port
big boy backpack
big backpack
Backpack brands logo
big black backpack
Big backpack innovation - external USB charging port

Big Backpack

Model: SA-7719XL

Colour: Black

External material: nylon

Inside material: Polyester


Can hold 15.1inch-17inch laptop

external dimensionmm:370*190*500

Interlayer sizemm:360*180*490


Products Details

Big Backpack Features:

Closed way: Zipper

Inner structure: Computer interlayer

Water resistant

backpack with water bottle holder

earphone hole design

anti-theft design

smart backpack with charger

Big student backpack

Campus backpack. College students whether it is class or go out to play whether it is, all need a suitable for their own big backpack, for some male college students, school bookbag in the selection of a big boy backpack, must be a little atmospheric, so that it can appear manly. Of course, the so-called large is not wide of the line, but compared with girls with a small bag for large. In the society, there are many famous Backpack brands logo. They are fashionable young people with braces. Buying a black large student backpack that you like can bring you different confidence.


Big backpack innovation - external USB charging port

Unlock new ability to charge. USB charging design. You only need three steps. First, connect the charging treasure, connect the data cable, and connect the mobile phone with data.


Big black backpack

This big black backpack is for business or short travel. Multi-layer space design, a large space, divided into compartments, can hold 2-3 days of clothing. Meet your daily needs. The 17-inch computer has a place for pens, cards, phones and wallets.Tidy layout, no need to worry about small items in the bag. The backpack black has comfortable shoulder straps.


Big boy backpack

Best sellers. Nylon fabric, wear-resistant, waterproof. Breathable design, with comfortable heat dissipation effect. Big backpack gives you a good travel experience


Big backpack size question:

How big of a backpack do i need?

Main compartment. Outdoor backpacks are usually divided into different capacities, measured in liters (L), ranging from 15L, 30L, 45L, 60L and 70L. However, the size of the bag can not only see the capacity and number, but also see how large the ctorso length is the most appropriate. Bearing system with every body length (torso length) is directly related to. Generally, a small bag should be suitable for a trunk length of less than 45 centimeters, a medium bag should be suitable for a trunk length of 45 to 52 centimeters, and if the trunk length is more than 52 centimeters, then a large bag should be selected.

A backpack is the most important equipment for walking. It must be able to carry all our equipment effectively, so it must have all kinds of bags. During hiking, we should try our best to reduce the pressure of backpack on the body and reduce the fatigue of the body.

So we must choose the big backpack with strong powerful carrier system.

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