Order crossbody sling backpack in large quantity, we can offer you mens sling bag backpack free shipping service. Custom sling bags with your logo at cheap prices are a great way to approach your target customer. Our backpacks bags crossbody are large enough to hold your personal item. In terms of convenient, the crossbody sling backpack is the best travel bag backpack.

Sling Backpack

Crossbody Backpack foe man
Crossbody Backpack for sale
black Crossbody Backpack
Crossbody Backpack usb charging port
Crossbody Backpack back
Crossbody Backpack foe man
Crossbody Backpack for sale
black Crossbody Backpack
Crossbody Backpack usb charging port
Crossbody Backpack back

Crossbody Backpack

Model: SA-9360plus

Water resistant

Usb charging port

Comfortable strap

Anti-theft design

Headset hole

Colour: Black

Material: Nylon


Can hold 9.7 inch laptop




Closed way: Zipper

Products Details

Crossbody backpack for sale

Crossbody backpack for sale

We are a professional shoulder bag manufacturer. Dedicating to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service. Our experienced staffs always integrate to designing, manufacturing and marketing together. Moreover, we own innovation patents and distinctive designs for the Man Backpack. We have a professional design team, and production team, with high testing equipment. We ensure the defective rate below one in a thousand. Our brand was once rated as the most trusted products of China.


Sling backpack features

 Sling backpack features

If there is a wish of possessing a classy bag. Then the lightweight sturdy crossbody sling bag is the right choice. Available in interesting colours. the tough external waterproof material keeps it durable and comfortable to use. Whether a user wishes to use it for travel or hiking, Outdoor bags make it pleasant.


Black nylon material is light, easy to carry, and comfortable. With its water resistance and strong structure. The sling backpack is durable and sure to last a lifetime. The single strap design is comfortable to wear for short of long periods of time. We guarantee this pack will hold up for years to come, whether you’re taking it with you on a bike ride or on a hike!

 One strap backpacks with headset hole

One strap backpacks, or sling bags, have huge benefits for anyone looking for an easy access bag. Designed to slip over one shoulder. They can be swung around and hung in front where you can open up the compartments.


This means you don’t have to remove the bag when you just want quick access to your gear. It’s also useful in crowded spaces since you need much less room to bring your bag around to the front.


They are a simple option for a travel daypack and afford you to easily store and access. Whatever you are storing in your bag. Plus, many travel sling bags offer secure storage options. It is for keeping your valuables (credit cards, passports, etc) safe while out. It is a backpack that can hold small laptop computer. The crossbody backpack also has hidden antitheft design.

 breathable shoulder strap

This is an ideal multi-functional backpack for the daily commute. It is a small and lightweight shoulder backpack. Its stylish, high quality and diversity functions can meet all your needs. High quality zipper, precise seam make it durable and excellent workmanship. Luxury which shows your outstanding temperament.


USB CHARGING PORT & HEADPHONE HOLE. This sling bag comes with a charging port. You can connect your phone to and easily charge during outdoors and travel. You can as well listen to your favorite music by connecting the headphone directly to your backpack.

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