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Custom Made Backpack manufacturer - Royal AK

Over 10 years of bag production experience. Over 500 experienced workers can promise high-quality of your products. Royal AK Co.,Ltd, a custom made backpacks factory for multifarious bags and backpacks. We can make samples according to the detailed pictures, design drawings and physical samples of the goods. We also can wholesale smart backpacks, travel backpacks and the other backpacks. The time is about 3-7 days.

Custom Made Backpack manufacturer - Royal AK

Custom backpack manufacturers - about our backpack brand

Royal AK is a custom backpack manufacturers. We insist on artisan spirit of excellence. When manufactures backpack we insists on royal forging knives standard. Before the design, we will think more and more careful. We will carry out scientific and rigorous planning for backpack space. And better take advantage of the backpack space and face all possible situations. At the same time, we will give more experience feeling and unique design on the backpacks. For improving the comfort level & artistry of it. In order for users to have a pleasant travel experience, we have been working on it.

We have our own factory and design team. We have retail business. And we also for the majority of enterprises to provide OEM personalized customization. We have wholesale and other group buying business. Our product category has luggage, smart backpack, water resistant backpack, large backpack. Laptop bag, briefcase, mountaineering bag. Cross-body backpack, chest bag, waist bag. Travel duffel bags, cosmetic bag, sports and fitness bag, etc

About our custom made backpack cooperative client:

Royal AK with over decade experience in custom made backpack manufacturing and designing, we supply a wide range of bags and pride ourselves on producing top quality backpacks products and friendly reliable customer service. To get WIN-WIN situation,our advantages such as large production scale, rich production experience, strong economic. We support flexible cooperation: Flexible Delivery capabilityFlexible Payment terms. Flexibility gaining and keeping a competitive advantage, is defined to include product development, manufacturing,logistics, and spanning flexibilities.

Royal AK custom made backpack cooperative

Royal AK custom made backpack cooperative

Because of the amazing design of the backpack products. Royal Army Knife let the luggage space into the magic, our brand is well received by consumers. Choosing us - backpack space magician, can give you what you want.

This is our factory:

custom made backpack factory

Let's see our custom backpack ergonomic back design:

An ergonomic backpack is designed to support and protect your body. An ergonomic backpack should be thickly padded, come with wide “S”shape shoulder straps, and waist or chest straps to evenly distribute the weight of the backpack across your upper body. It will be more adjustable than other standard. With custom backpack ergonomic back design, backpacks and straps and back will be more cushioned.

Let's see our ergonomic backpack video:

Welcome OEM projects. We have rich experience in design and high-end production technology that can make any OEM integration successful.

We can provide you unique customized services,from design to manufacturing,concept to completion, offer you the top quality products and services, to build your super high-end brand and bring you a great benefits.

unique customized backpack services

unique customized backpack display



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Choose from a wide selection of custom made backpacks, enhanced by adjustable shoulder straps, pen loops, zippered compartments and side mesh pockets for water bottles. Discover durable satchels, made from heavy-duty polyester and strong vinyl backing.

It comes with plenty of storage to hold your laptop, documents, pens and more. You’ll also love that its shoulder strap adjusts so you can carry it on your right or left shoulder.

Custom made backpacks process

1. Creating your backpack design

Think about everything you use your backpack for. If you want to hold your computer, you can create a laptop sleeve in the backpack. If you want to hold your water bottle, you can create two water bottle pocket on the backpack side.

Draw your backpack on the paper. Consideration the backpack length, weight, height.

2. Creating a pattern.

Now that you've got your design and figured out how it will go together it's time to translate your drawings into a paper pattern. Your bag will only be as good as your pattern so spend the time making a great pattern and save yourself the frustration of mismatching edges and seams later.

3. Prototyping + Editing a Pattern

If you have altered my design or chosen to create your own design. If you're creating a carbon copy of my design prototyping isn't absolutely necessary.

A Prototype has several useful functions:

Order of construction

Design reality

Functionality and aesthetics


Draw out any changes you want to make and document how that might effect each individual part. Mark your new measurements in a different color to avoid confusion.

4. Cutting

You have a design, you have a pattern, you've bought your materials (prototyping or final), now it's time to start making.

5. Sewing unit

Sewing the backpack like the pockets, zipper, padded strap...

6. Creating the back padding

Making the back padding. We have professional ergonomic backpack. The ergonomic backpack can lighten the load on your back.

7. Finished!

After a series of the backpack process, you have finished a backpack. If you want to know more about it, you can leave us a comment.

Royal AK is a men backpack making operation based in Guangzhou. Unique pieces full of character and charm are meticulously made by hand using durable and beautiful materials that will stand the test of time. Smart backpack, sling bag, toiletries bag come together in eye-catching designs that function well while ageing gracefully and developing their own distinct look over time. You never quite know what might crop up next, but you can be sure it’ll be a striking mix of form and function and a real conversation starter.


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