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Do you know anti-theft backpack?

Views:  Update Date: Sep 11,2019

Anti-theft backpack is really an important thing during a trip. What is the meaning of travel to life? Start your journey, with a anti theft travel backpack. Busy life is like the water, and travel, is the breath of fresh oxygen to the surface. By experiencing the unknown life, we can better face the familiar people and things.

What is a theft proof backpack?

First, let's talk about the concept of the recently popular security bag with lock. As electronic products become more and more common in our life. We can't go out without all kinds of "live" products, such as mobile phones, battery packs, laptops. Earphones and so on. These products are small and expensive. Making them ideal targets for thieves in complex environments. You can't go out with so many things in your hand and carry a bag on your back. But if you are worried about losing things in a crowded bus or shopping mall, what should you do? Smart designers set out to design a variety of laptop bag with lock targeted. The laptop safe backpack has different design such as backpack with combination lock, the hidden zipper, secret pocket, cut-proof material fabric, and hidden zipper backpack closures. Anti theft backpack will keep your belongings safe while travelling. 

Why Buy a security backpack?

When you travel, you put your backpack behind you. Are you worried about your valuables being stolen? You need a security backpack. There are different things which are considered theft. Electronic theft happens when they scan your credit cards. Passport and licenses this leads to identity theft. Then there is actual physical theft and lastly. There is theft in transit where you may leave your bag unattended. While travelling if even just for two minutes while you run to the bathroom at a bus stop. Thief proof backpack have security features inbuilt to prevent one or all of these types of theft: secret pocket backpack, lockable zipper, bags with hidden compartments...

The purchasing tips about anti-theft backpack

Here are some anti-theft backpack features you’ll want to consider before purchasing a travel backpack lock.


Colors. Different colors show different feelings. In the anti-theft backpack I saw. The common colors are black and gray. Black is a powerful color. It can be very solemn and elegant, and can make other colors (bright colors) stand out. Black backpack with lock don't get dirty easily. Gray is a series of colors between black and white, which can be roughly divided into dark gray and light gray. Gray gives a person feeling general very implicative feeling, but gray has his distinctive glamour.


Travelon anti-theft classic backpack for business, school, travel, hiking...it has many uses right? Some anti-theft backpack is as like the common backpack, some anti theft back pack is stereoscopic.

stereoscopic travel backpack lock


Like all backpacks, laptop bag with lock come with a range of organizational features. It’s large enough to fit everything you’d need on a short trip. And still small enough that you can use it as a carry on when you’re flying somewhere. It’s made from abrasion and water resistant materials. And anti theft waterproof backpack features a padded and ventilated backpanel.


Just like other backpacks, anti-theft bags come in a range of sizes for a range of needs. You can consider what you want to take it in your bag. And you can decide to buy what size of anti-theft backpack. However, choosing the cool design backpack size should consider your height, if you are not tall, you can choose the smaller anti-theft bags. I think it looks better.


Today, the one I started is one of the more representative works. Which integrates the features of anti-theft and electronic products storage. The anti-theft principle of this backpack is actually cut resistant panel. It is with hidden zipper. The black panel is actually a cutting board. Which prevents thieves from using a knife to cut through the backpack and steal items.

It features an anti-thief proof design with hidden water resistant zippers. Keeping your valuables away from thief. Hidden zippers and pockets. Front and sides both cut-proof, slash proof. Night security USB external charging. Waterproof backpack, anti sweat and air permeability. Weight balance. Small bag, Big content, Humanized design, High security anti theft backpack for travel.

Other cool features of this backpack include a anti theft backpack with charger, as well as a backpack with headphone port. You can listen to music and charge your phone. But still keep your phone safely tucked inside the locked, main compartment.

Best Anti-Theft Backpacks Reviews

1. Backpacks with lots of pockets, travel laptop backpack with combination lock & usb charging port

Anti-theft backpack with usb port is convenient. This locking laptop bag is the most big &durable anti-theft backpack for travel and every day. It measures 360*210*500mm and has a 17.3L capacity (there is also a smaller one if you are looking for a common backpack). There are a lot of well design organization features as well, with the main compartment having a 17″ water resistant laptop bag, two open pockets, and a zipped pocket. As well as a large compartment for your shoes. It has plenty of compartments. Including a mesh sunglasses pocket, brushed media pocket and shoe compartment. Additionally, there’s a slip through section on the back so you can attach it onto the handle of your luggage while traveling.

backpacks with lots of pockets

And as far as its anti-theft capacity goes? This lockable security bag features anti-theft design technology and a digital code lock. Business laptop backpack with a combination lock. 17.3 Inch college backpacks with USB Charging Port. Anti-theft lightweight travel bag for Men & Women.

External USB with built-in charging cable offers a convenient charging by connected with the Portable Charger and your electronic device. Backpacks with side water bottle pockets. It can hold your water bottle. 

Padded shoulder straps protect your shoulders from the pack's material. It can rub against your skin and can cause painful blisters and they also give you extra support. 

The ergonomic support is the key point of this water resistant backpacks. Whether you already suffer from spinal issues or just want to preserve your health and posture, youll want to check out these ergonomic backpacks. They offer a ton of features to keep you moving comfortably, including cushioning, ventilation, and efficient, thoughtful designs. 

With all of these amazing features, its no wonder I consider this to be the most durable anti theft backpack!

2. Anti theft travel backpack with hidden compartments

This anti-theft backpack measures 290*180*440mm and comes equipped with a laptop sleeve for up to a 15″ or 16″ laptop, depending on the option you choose. There is a compartment on the back behind the backpack straps that is padded and meant specifically to house your laptop. This is a good position to keep your laptop safe and to keep it from breaking or bending when you fill the backpack to capacity. This anti-theft daypack is the perfect size for everyday use and for use while traveling. And with padded foam back support and adjustable shoulder and sternum straps, this backpack is easy and comfortable to carry no matter the situation.

Anti theft travel backpack with hidden compartments

Do you confuse about organize your dirty clothes or clean clothes when you are travelling? Don’t worry, this travel backpack with daypack has the dry wet depart backpack. Expect the dirty clothes, you can also put the cosmetics in travel safe backpack! This dry wet depart backpack feature, particularly if you plan to use this anti-theft backpack while hiking.

Security-wise, this backpack has most of the anti-theft features you expect with the quality of the amazon daypacks. It has a back anti theft pocket. Backpack with hidden compartments. You can put your expensive things in it.

3. Backpack with laptop sleeve and water bottle holder

The backpack is an innovative backpack design which seems to be specifically made for urban travel situations. It measures in at 370*190*500mm and has a lot of organizational features for those who like to make sure everything is in its place. It also has combination lock.

On the outside of the backpack, you’ll find several hidden pockets. There’s a pocket is for storing your passport, credit cards, etc. There’s a zipper with a built-in umbrella holder hidden on one side of the backpack (which you could also conceivably use to hold a small water bottle).

Backpack with laptop sleeve and water bottle holder

Inside the main compartment, you’ll find plenty of space for the items you want to carry as well as a padded sleeve for a 17″ laptop. Multi-layer space design, a large space, divided into compartments, can hold 2-3 days of clothing. Meet your daily needs. It has many small pocket to hold your personal items.

The padded back backpack has comfortable shoulder straps. Backpack with padded straps. The adjustable shoulder straps let you have a more pleasure travelling experience. Oriental ergonomic design, light and comfortable three-dimensional back, special sewing process, can make the back heat quickly.

Taking nylon material, the well-made backpack is not easy to be destroyed. I think you can use it for a really long time!

Not enough for the above backpack? Don’t worry, here has a detail backpack list: 2020 Best Anti Theft Backpacks for Travel Guide

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