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foldable backpack
foldable backpack back
foldable backpack side
foldable backpack as a pocke bag
packable backpack
foldable backpack
foldable backpack back
foldable backpack side
foldable backpack as a pocke bag
packable backpack

Foldable Backpack

Model: SN-008

We made an lightweight foldable backpack!We manufacturer waterproof foldable backpack. Large capacity foldable backpack to hold your things. Best packable backpack trends in sports & travel, climbing bags, bicycle bags, water bags.

Products Details

Foldable backpack features:

Foldable backpack is a good helper when your are out, let’s see this packable daypack for travel details:

Net weight:0.22kg(as two mobile phones)

Can be inserted into the luggage

Capacity: 17L. as the 20inch luggage

Before foldable size: 32.5*14*45.5com

After foldable size: 20*4*19.5cm

Material: nylon

Application: travel, shopping, climbing, business

The large packable backpack add storage and keep things neat: handy main backpack pockets are large enough to carry what you need on your trip. Smaller external pockets are ideal for quick access, such as guidebooks and cameras. Inside, zipper pockets are ideal for storing valuables like cash, credit CARDS and passports.This is a best packable backpack for travel.

Waterproof foldable backpack is made of high quality waterproof nylon material, tear resistant, durable nylon zipper. It comes in a super compact bag. It folds easily in a small pocket, so you can easily carry it in your suitcase as an extra travel bag.

Lightweight foldable backpack. The backpack folds into an internal zipper pocket to fit anywhere and unfurls from the pocket to the backpack in seconds. Lightweight outdoor hiking folding backpack, elegant in appearance, is ideal for a day or week trip.

Best foldable backpack for travel: this compact backpack is the perfect companion for when you're out and about. Perfect for day trips, vacations, Tours, day trips, schools, camping and shopping. School bike packs will be a great need for any outdoor sports or leisure activity in and around the city.

Foldable backpack wholesale listing Top 5

We are foldable backpack manufacturer, these are our hot selling packable daypack colour list:

1.Black waterproof packable backpack

Black waterproof packable backpack

2.Rose red best packable backpack for girls

Rose red best packable backpack for girls

3. Lightweight backpack for school blue

Lightweight backpack for school blue

4. Best packable backpack for travel orange

Best packable backpack for travel orange

5. Dark blue travel foldable backpack

Dark blue travel foldable backpack

Packable Backpack FAQ

How do you fold a backpack?

First, Fold the backpack into a strip shape. Second, Fold the strip down into a small square. Third, Turn back the outer pockets and wrap them in. Fourth, finally zip up. If you don’t understand, you can see this teaching video:

What is a packable backpack?

A packable daypack is a backpack that can fit in your luggage. They usually compress into a small pouch. It can be fold as a small bag. They come in a range of sizes, some tiny and ultralight with one compartment, others bulkier with many of the pockets and features you'd expect in a regular backpack.

This foldable backpack can be folded like a sandwich, easy to carry, convenient and practical. It comes in a super compact bag, so you can easily carry it in your suitcase and use it as an extra travel bag at your destination. The foldable backpack is available in 5 colors. There are 5 colors to choose from, just choose the color you want.

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