Order crossbody sling backpack in large quantity, we can offer you mens sling bag backpack free shipping service. Custom sling bags with your logo at cheap prices are a great way to approach your target customer. Our backpacks bags crossbody are large enough to hold your personal item. In terms of convenient, the crossbody sling backpack is the best travel bag backpack.

Sling Backpack

Backpack sling key features
mens nylon sling backpack
mens sling backpack back
Large main compartment
mens sling backpack
Backpack sling key features
mens nylon sling backpack
mens sling backpack back
Large main compartment
mens sling backpack

mens sling backpack

Model: SA-9393plus

Mens sling bag backpack with anti-theft and headphone jack design, it has 9.7-inch iPad laptop sleeve. We are sling backpack mens manufacturer. We supply sling backpack mens with adjustable shoulder strap, USB charging port design. Royal army knife offers a great selection of cheap personalized sling bags for you to choose from.

Colour: Black

Material: Polyester, nylon


Can hold 9.7 inch IPAD




Closed way: Zipper

Inner structure: badge bag

Water resistant

Usb charging port

Headset hole

Products Details

Top 5 best men’s sling backpack in 2019, 2010 Buying Guide

1. Sling backpack for men everyday use

Sling backpack for men

With a simple design, this sling backpack for men looks great and will handle all your daily commuting or vacationing essentials. Made from soft, water-resistant nylon, this mens one strap backpacks have a 9.7 inch capacity and plenty of extra pockets.

The main compartment of men's crossbody backpack is large enough to hold your iPad or a notebook, while the extra key rack, card pouch, wallet pouch, phone pouch and 2 pen pouches will keep all your gear safe and organized on the move.

2. Mens small sling backpack cool, compact, and incredibly useful

Mens small sling backpack cool

Wear our mens small sling backpack, you will look fashionable and feel comfortable. Ergonomically designed for comfort, the side sling backpack can be slung over either shoulder or worn across your chest to keep it safe from thieves. The men’s side sling backpack with a convenient front cellphone pocket and separate headphone access, you can easily get to everything you need while on the go. The padded, breathable strap helps keep the bag comfortable and lightweight wherever you are.

3. Mini hiking backpack outdoor sport bag

Mini hiking backpack

This is another super mini hiking backpack. Royal AK is a top quality mini hiking backpack for their well made backpacks. Smooth zippers allow you to grab what you need from different points on the pack, and side pockets can accommodate water bottles or any other smaller gear you are comfortable stowing externally, it can be fixed. The construction of the strapping makes for a very breathable and comfortable fit — ideal for those more intense hikes when you don’t want to be stuck to your pack once you heat up. This bag is less than half a pound, and packs down into its own carrying case, so it’s a great day pack to take with you traveling.

4. Mens sling backpack with water bottle holder

Mens sling backpack with water bottle holder

The black mens sling backpack with water bottle holder features an excellent water-resistant treatment yet maintains efficient breathability. Royal AK is a reliable brand and this product is an example of the company’s great work. The travel sling purse can wear around your waist. It’s another popular choice among backpackers and outdoor lovers because it’s comfortable to wear. The one of the best features of this backpack gives you the opportunity to keep small water bottle, small notebook and the other things. It feels nice on the waist and the compartments are well placed to keep everything secured, creating a good balance when you are walking.

5. Crossbody backpack, large for men

Crossbody backpack, large for men

The crossbody backpack for men is another ranger backpack for those who need super-resistant crossbody backpack. This is an awesome outdoor backpack. It’s durable and water-resistant and it features many compartments, pockets and sleeves. It is big enough to hold your 9.7inch iPad. And the front pocket can hold your small things like phone, notebook.

The sling pack 2020 buying guide - for men & women

A best sling bags perfect for everyday use

A best sling bags perfect for everyday use

The best sling bags with a sleek and straightforward design. This ultra-lightweight single sling backpacks looks great and will handle all your daily commuting or vacationing essentials. This waterproof sling backpack made from soft, durable nylon, this best sling bags have a main large compartment can hold 9.7inch ipad. The front pocket can hold your small items, it is an easy way to take your key, pen, notebook and the other small things. There are plenty of extra pockets inside the two pockets.

High Quality for a Compact Running sling pack

High Quality for a Compact Running sling pack

You can take this crossbody sling backpack for sport use. It is lightweight as 0.38kg. Riding a bike with this crossbody sling backpack is cool and convenient. The running sling pack has adjustable strap and breathable strap. And it has headset hole design, you can enjoy the music while doing sports.

Custom sling backpack

Custom sling backpack

Design your custom backpack with your company logo. These personalized backpacks come in a variety of styles, colors and customization technologies. Giving your custom sling backpack as presents for your stuff or approach your target audience is a good choice.

Small sling bag - Day Convenience

Small sling bag Day Convenience

This sling bag is really small. It is also called fanny pack. It is mainly used for sport. It is only 0.1kg, but it is only can hold your cell phone and keys. In addition, it can hold the small water bottle. The small sling bag takes durable material: breathable, wear-resisting, waterproof.

Hiking sling backpack excellent organization

Hiking sling backpack excellent organization

With a lot of compartments to stow your stuff. Made of water-resistant polyester and constructed using top-quality zippers and durable straps. The zippered main compartment has an interior padded pearl cotton sleeve for laptops or tablets. There are three small front pocket on the outside of the bag, Plus a rear zippered pocket to stash your money, passport and other important goods. In the side of the belt bag, there are two small zipper pockets.

Travel sling bag Cool, Compact, and Useful Sling Bag

Travel sling bag Cool, Compact, and Useful Sling Bag

Made from high-quality nylon that resists water, this is a compact carry travel sling bag that can be worn across your shoulder to keep your hands free and your load light. This design is perfect for days out, trips abroad, and even on your regular commute. This single sling backpack has two big zippered pockets. The front of the bag has one zippered pocket and the side of the bag has one small pocket. It is convenient for accessing items you need on the go.

Mens small sling backpack advantage

Many sling backpack for men offer the durability, waterproof protection. And organizational main compartments that you love from a traditional backpack but come in a smaller, leaner, wate resistant form.

Gone are the days when sporting hefty, bulgy backpacks across town was the social norm. With trends leaning towards small. Functional and ergonomically safe everyday carry options. It is no wonder why mens small sling backpack are making waves in unisex fashion. Mens sling bag backpack are built to its one strap design. It makes it easy to “sling” the bag from your back to front for accessibility.

 Mens small sling backpack

  • Mens sling backpack large capacity

Although this mens sling backpack is small in size, it has three layers of pockets. Which is more convenient for sorting and organizing.

The sling pack is big enough to hold the 9.7-inch iPad, while the secondary bag can hold a pen bag, a cell phone bag, and a key ring.

The product is 19 cm long, 8 cm wide and 36 cm high.

It will fit the 9.7-inch IPAD tablet

The internal system of pockets can easily organize just about anything. With pockets ranging in size and depth. The mens large sling backpack is perfectly sized for a day of exploring small towns or a night in the city. Perfect for your daily needs.

  • Mens sling pack with hidden antitheft pocket

 mens sling pack

Anti theft sling bag is a stylish urban companion. The front, top access zipper compartment gives instant access to your iPad, while the phone pouch keeps you connected. The end of the zipper can be fastened, so that your belongings are no longer lost. It is a good design for travelling. Want to have a safe environment for your belongings? Please find men's anti theft travel bags.

  • Shoulder sling backpacks - adjustable shoulder strap


Removable shoulder backpack. The adjustable best sling bag for travel strap includes a removable shoulder pad to keep you comfortable throughout the day. The straps are adjustable to the right length for you. The shoulder strap is built with high elastic cotton. High density and no deformation, comfortable and breathable.


  • Waterproof sling bag

The waterproof sling backpacks are made of waterproof durable materials, nylon and polyester. Water - resistant fabric. Good wear - resistant properties, easy maintenance can stand the test of time. The water resistant sling bag strong exterior fabric is finished with a durable water repellent (DWR) coating to protect items from light rain. Our waterproof sling bag backpack is as good as waterfly crossbody sling.

Sling backpack mens features

Sling backpack mens new anti-theft upgrade. Protect your personal items.

Backpack with padded straps. Features both soft padded backside as well as breathable sides which increase your comfort as well as protection on your backpack.

Travel sling bag headset hole design, all the time can easily enjoy music. 

Single strap backpack. There is also a USB charging port design with a storage bag for mobile devices. Outside is the exit of the data line. The mobile phone has no electricity. You can charge it immediately, go out to have no electricity trouble to help you to solve! 

Lightweight sling backpack. On both sides, there are fasteners, easy to carry, easy to remove and durable.

Backpack Sling Bag FAQ

Are boys crossbody backpack bad for your back?

Our mens sling backpacks are suitable for ergonomics design. Backpack with padded straps can lighten the load on your back. It can makes you easy to travel. However, because mens sling pack only have one strap, they can cause back pain if they are too heavy, or too long on your back. So, if you want to feel more comfortable when you are taking a lot of things. You can choose a backpack. Or you can see proper way to wear a sling. To see the ways of wearing one strap backpack.

1. Smart backpack with water bottle holder, laptop backpack for business, travel.

This kind of business backpack design for comfort. This backpack with water bottle holder is very suitable for all kinds of leisure activities. It has large compartment for your 15 inch laptop. The key feature of this backpack is multiple pockets. You won’t be disappointed because of the durable material.

laptop backpack for business, travel

2. The black mini backpack for colleague, couples backpack

The small backpack is more dynamic and lighter. Although this backpack is not big, it can also meet your daily travel needs. Especially for students, it is very suitable. It can hold 14 inch laptop. It has USB charging port. Give a backpack for your lover!

black mini backpack for colleague, couples backpack

3. Water resistant backpack for outdoor activities.

Water resistant backpack manufacturer can depend on your needs to custom backpack. Polyester fiber can protect your belongings from water. Can hold 2-3 days of daily necessities, suitable for short trips or business trips, to meet your daily needs. 

Water resistant backpack for outdoor activities

4. Most durable backpack, large capacity backpack

The backpack can hold a 17.3-inch computer and has a capacity of 35 liters, as well as a large compartment for your shoes. The big durable backpack. This bag has plenty of space for your textbooks, binders and whatever else you may need to lug around. Stay organized with features. Like an internal phone pocket and headphone port, accessory pockets, and even more.

large capacity backpack

What is sling backpack?

A sling backpack only has one strap. It can’t carry too much thing. But it is convenient. Over the shoulder, across the front, around the waist – there are multiple ways to wear a sling bag. More information you can see how to wear sling bag. These sling style backpacks provide ample space for all of your purse needs, and are also responsible for bringing your whole look together.

Do you have custom sling bags service?

Yes, we have custom sling backpack. Choose from a wide selection of personalized sling bags, enhanced by adjustable shoulder straps, pen loops, zippered compartments and side mesh pockets for water bottles. Our expert team will ensure that your company's logo flawlessly complements your custom sling bags. What are you waiting for? Leave us a messenger, we will reply you custom sling backpack information quickly.

Guangzhou Royal Army Knife Co, Ltd  is a professional backpack manufacturing for all kinds of backpacks, cool design backpacks included business backpack, school backpack, casual backpack, ladies backpack and men backpack) which was manufactured for over 20years. we located in Huadu Guangzhou city,where the biggest and most professional city for all kinds of quality backpack. All the newest designs with fashion trended bags in high quality here, you can find all the raw material included hardware, PU/fabric/PVC/ etc, also the most skillful engineers gethering together here. We have separate sample room, showroom, packaging room and storage. Includes 39 sets of sewing machines, 10 sets of lining sewing machines, 8 sets of high wheel sewing machines, 15 sets other machines.


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