Sling Backpack

Backpack sling key features
mens nylon sling backpack
mens sling backpack back
Large main compartment
mens sling backpack
Backpack sling key features
mens nylon sling backpack
mens sling backpack back
Large main compartment
mens sling backpack

mens sling backpack

Model: SA-9393plus

Colour: Black

Material: Polyester, nylon


Can hold 9.7 inch IPAD




Closed way: Zipper

Inner structure: badge bag

Water resistant

Usb charging port

Headset hole

Products Details

Best sling backpacks


Many sling backpacks offer the durability, waterproof protection. And organizational main compartments that you love from a traditional backpack but come in a smaller, leaner, wate resistant form.


Gone are the days when sporting hefty, bulgy backpacks across town was the social norm. With trends leaning towards small. Functional and ergonomically safe everyday carry options. It is no wonder why sling backpacks are making waves in unisex fashion. Sling bags are built to its one strap design. It makes it easy to “sling” the bag from your back to front for accessibility.


Large main compartment


Although this backpack is small in size, it has three layers of pockets. Which is more convenient for sorting and organizing.


The sling pack is big enough to hold the 9.7-inch iPad, while the secondary bag can hold a pen bag, a cell phone bag, and a key ring.


The product is 19 cm long, 8 cm wide and 36 cm high


It will fit the 9.7-inch IPAD tablet


The internal system of pockets can easily organize just about anything. With pockets ranging in size and depth. The bag is perfectly sized for a day of exploring small towns or a night in the city. Perfect for your daily needs.


Hidden antitheft pocket


The end of the zipper can be fastened, so that your belongings are no longer lost. It is a good design for travelling.


Adjustable shoulder strap


The straps are adjustable to the right length for you. The shoulder strap is built with high elastic cotton. High density and no deformation, comfortable and breathable.


Water resistant single shoulder backpack


The backpack is made of waterproof durable materials, nylon and polyester. Water - resistant fabric. Good wear - resistant properties, easy maintenance can stand the test of time.


Backpack sling key features


Backpack new anti-theft upgrade. Anti-theft and headphone jack design, all the time can easily enjoy music. There is also a USB charging port design with a storage bag for mobile devices. Outside is the exit of the data line. The mobile phone has no electricity. You can charge it immediately, go out to have no electricity trouble to help you to solve! On both sides, there are fasteners, easy to carry, easy to remove and durable.

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