You’re looking for a good outdoor products backpack manufacturer and you’re sure you will find it in China. Congratulations on your choice because China is the factory of the world. You can get any design of personalized sports backpack made in China.

Outdoor Products Backpacks

  • packable backpack for hiking
    Packable Backpack for Hiking

    This lightweight hiking backpack is only 0.3kg and the lightweight hiking backpack can be  packable as a small bag. The packable backpack for hiking has large capacity, it has 1.7L capacity which can hold 3days travel accessories. Light packable hiking backpack take waterproof material - nylon. This packable backpack has ergonomic backpack system, the back does not feel hot. It is best packable hiking backpack.


  • gym bag royal ak
    Wholesale Gym Bag, Gym Bag with Custom Logo
    Our gym bags for men or woman are a must bag for storage and convenience. The gym duffle bag has 45L capacity, it has gym bag with shoe compartment, and a dry&wet separation bag. The material of the gym bag service is polyester which is waterproof. This is a fashionable gym bag, you can carry it or cross it. We wholesale personalized gym bag, if you are going to find a factory to custom gym bag with your company logo, you can contact us.


  • foldable backpack
    Foldable Backpack

    We made an lightweight foldable backpack!We manufacturer waterproof foldable backpack. Large capacity foldable backpack to hold your things. Best packable backpack trends in sports & travel, climbing bags, bicycle bags, water bags.


  • custom garment bag
    Custom Garment Bag

    custom garment bags wholesale

    A garment bag is a type of luggage used for transporting business or formal attire from one destination to another. Custom garment bags wholesale come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, but all have an integrated suiter compartment designed to keep clothing flat, clean, and wrinkle-free on the road. We are a professional Chinese custom garment bags manufacturers, we can supply the personalized garment bags for business people.


  • wholesale Toiletries bag set
    Wholesale Toiletries Bag

    Wholesale toiletry bags

    Check our large variety of toiletries bag wholesale, toiletries bag set, and travel kits. At Royal AK, we have many types of personalized toiletries bag.We can provide the customer OEM service. We can print your toiletry bags with your own logo. About personalized toiletries bag we can do large kind of various materials, and different materials have different features and cost. Please directly contact us for details. We guarantee that all kinds of toiletries bag set products are eco-friendly, waterproof, durable and elegant. We offer you the products with novel style, high quality and good price.


  • organizer toiletry bag
    Hanging toiletry bag

    Shop for hanging toiletry travel bag. We are a hanging toiletry bag manufacturer in China. as a direct mens hanging travel toiletry bag supplier of walmart,target. The best women's toiletry bag can be hanged. Toiletry bag travel can hold your personal item.

    TPU waterproof bag, mesh bag, and other personal organizer bag.

    Colour: Watermelon red, black, gray, red, blue

    External material: water resistant polyester fiber


    Travel package, toiletry bag, storage bag

    external dimensioncm:24*15.5*8.5


    unfold size(cm): 24*40


  • personal item travel backpack
    personal item backpack

    Colour: Rose-carmine, light blue, sapphire blue, black, orange 

    External material: polyester fiber

    Inside material: polyester fiber


    Dimension: 20L

    external dimensioncm:32.5*45.5*14



    Can be folded


  • monogram drawstring backpack
    Monogram Backpack

    Colour: Black, pink, gray

    External material: polyester fiber

    Inside material: polyester fiber


    Can hold 14.1inch-15inch laptop




    Closed way: drawnstring

    Inner structure: Computer interlayer

    Water resistant

    backpack with water bottle holder

    anti-theft design


  • outdoor products duffel bag
    Large Duffel Bag

    Colour: black, rose red, gray, royal blue, light blue, orange

    External material: polyester fiber

    Inside material: polyester fiber


    Volume (L): 65

    external dimensioncm:42*34*20


    Can be folded


  • big boy backpack
    Big Backpack

    Colour: Black

    External material: nylon

    Inside material: Polyester


    Can hold 15.1inch-17inch laptop

    external dimensionmm:370*190*500

    Interlayer sizemm:360*180*490



Outdoor products backpack

We have many outdoor products backpack: hanging cosmetic bag, travel duffel bag, drawstring backpack, folding backpack, outdoor products hiking backpacks and so on.

Whether you’re looking to gift your employees with personalized outdoor products backpacks, or share your environment-friendly attitude with clients, our selection of outdoor activity items is the perfect fit!

Outdoor products daypack gets you to your destination with comfort and ease – royal outdoors products you can trust. Our outdoor products backpack review goal is 360° of satisfaction. It won't matter if you're on your way to school (waterproof backpack school), work, or the mountains (outdoor products hiking backpack), our products are capable of carrying everything you need comfortably.

Outdoor products daypack top selling

Let's see the top outdoor products daypack:

1. Outdoor products backpacks for schoolOver the years we've tested dozens of backpacks in a variety of styles to find the best high school and college backpacks for school. Korean school backpack is really popular. And what’s perhaps the most basic piece of gear any college student needs? A backpack, of course. Not only is it a vessel in which to transport all of your textbooks, notepads, laptop or tablet, paper & pens, and everyday carry gear – but it’s also an organizational tool that can help you stay on the top of your game. And if you’re serious about school, you should take your backpack seriously, too. That means ditching the old single-pouch drawstring bag and picking up something with a bit more functionality.

2.Outdoor products laptop backpack. Supply Provides High Quality & Sustainable outdoor products computer backpack. Best youth hiking backpack are the preferred bag type of students, commuters, and frequent flyers. Finding one that will fit your laptop as well as your day-to-day belongings will make travel just a little bit easier. In order to safely transport your laptop from place to place, you need a outdoor laptop bag protective vessel that not only works hard to keep your tech safe but is also comfortable to carry around with you.

3.Outdoor products power pack daypack. Whether you're a student, traveler or daily commuter, the spacious Outdoor Products Power Pack daypack helps you organize and comfortably carry your laptop, files, small electronics and more. Large main pocket holds notebooks, files, media folders, books, magazines and other similar-sized items and also includes 3 zip organizer pockets. Breathable padded back panel; padded shoulder straps; sternum strap.

4.Waterproof camping backpack. Whether you’re planning an epic thru-hike or a quick weekend jaunt, keeping pack weight down is key. The entire outdoor industry is going light and there’s a good reason why: Lightweight waterproof camping backpacking is way more comfortable and enjoyable. Your outdoor products water backpack will be one of the four heaviest items on your back (backpack, tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad), so it’s a great place to start reducing overall weight. Outdoor products backpacks waterproof is a good choice.

5.Girls hiking backpack. Ready to take your girl hiking? Invest a little time in finding the best girls backpacks brands. Pink hiking backpacks is a best travelling backpacks 2019 and then help her choose the perfect pack for her hiking adventure.

6.Outdoor sports backpack. They protect your travel essentials, abound in cool, unique features, and are designed to fit all your belongings. Front organizer and large main compartment. Front stash and soft-lined pocket

Power pocket and insulated pocket. Concealed side stash pocket. Adjustable front webbing straps with buckle closure. 2 and 3 liter hydration compatible (reservoir not included).

Outdoor products brand backpacks

We have our owm backpack manufacturer in China. Our backpack brand logos is ROYAL ARMY KNIFE. We also have the sling backpack. And we also for the majority of enterprises to provide OEM personalized customization.  We can print your outdoor products logo. Outdoor Products manufactures quality gear for all facets of an adventurous life. Our packs fit your lifestyle whether you’re heading to the classroom or trekking through the woods. We’ve got a outdoor products pack designed to satiate your every need for function and comfort while you’re exploring the outdoors. Whatever you do, we help you carry it well. Our products last a lifetime, and we’ll back that up with our Lifetime Guarantee.

The outdoor backpacks have many large capacity to hold your travel things. Reasonable space design to let you have a pleasure trip.

Hiking Backpack FAQ

What do you need to know before hiking?

1.Make a plan. The best way to make your hike enjoyable is to plan ahead. On the trail, you’ll want to make smart choices. Find a shaded hike where there are plenty of tree cover; near a body of water like the ocean or lake is even better because it will be a bit cooler. If you choose a hike with minimal shade, a hat is your next best option. 

2.Find your partner. Share your plans. Never hike alone. You need to have a partner in case you have an accident. If you hike alone, tell people what trail head you're starting at and what time you'll return — especially if hiking alone — so a friend knows where to send help if you're not back on time.

3.Wearing&Weather. Wear a quick-drying, performance-fabric base layer that won't chafe. Top it with a merino wool long-sleeve shirt; it's breathable and warm even when wet, so you'll be OK if it rains. Always look at the weather forecast ahead of time and wear layers that you can remove as you’re hiking. Choose a outdoor shoulder bag to hold your outdoor life clothing. Zipper strap backpack is more convenient.

4.Prepare food and water. Pack protein bars, jerky, nuts, and dried fruits, plus extra H2O or Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets. It has outdoor products water bottle replacement parts (outdoor products foldable water bottle).

5.A hiking backpack.Find a quality outdoor products prices for hiking. Outdoor products 30l backpack is enough. It also has a kind of convenient backpack: outdoor products packable day pack. It can save your space.

Are outdoor products backpacks waterproof?

Most of our outdoor products backpacks are waterproof. Because our backpack mateial takes durable nylon&polyester. During the test, our outdoor products with excellent waterproofing capabilities.

How much is a hiking backpack?

You should expect a backpack to cost between $20 and $400, with store-brand day bags sitting at the cheaper end. If you want a proper, wilderness-quality hiking backpack, famous brands will easily cost you $400 and even up to $600. We also have the custom backpack service. Buying more we will have discount.

How big of a hiking backpack do I need?

Common outdoor daypacks range from 20 liters to 35 liters. You want a larger outdoor shoulder bag in the 35-liter range for all-day, so you can carry extra water, food, clothing, and the other things.


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