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hiking backpack
hiking daypack ergonomic design
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packable backpack for hiking
hiking backpack
hiking daypack ergonomic design
light packable hiking backpack
packable lightweight travel hiking backpack

Packable Backpack for Hiking

Model: SA-7318

This lightweight hiking backpack is only 0.3kg and the lightweight hiking backpack can be  packable as a small bag. The packable backpack for hiking has large capacity, it has 1.7L capacity which can hold 3days travel accessories. Light packable hiking backpack take waterproof material - nylon. This packable backpack has ergonomic backpack system, the back does not feel hot. It is best packable hiking backpack.

Products Details

What is packable backpack for hiking?

A packable backpack for hiking is a lightweight backpack that can be organize as a small pouch, it can fit in your luggage (or even your pocket). hiking backpack lightweight packable only has 0.3kg and it has large capacity. When you are hiking with this packable backpack, you can not only hold many necessary but also the backpack itself is lightweight.

How to pack packable lightweight travel hiking backpack?

pack packable lightweight travel hiking backpack

First, Flip over to the back of your backpack. Second, fold the backpack left side and right side to the middle. Third, the front pocket turns over to the back. Fourth, Roll the front part into the bag. Fifth, zip up and finish. The light packable hiking backpack can be fold as a small bag, very convenient to carry.

Lightweight hiking backpack manufacturer

We focus on manufacturing all kinds of backpacks including lightweight hiking backpack. Packable backpack hiking comes in a range of sizes, some tiny and ultralight with one compartment, others bulkier with many of the pockets and features youd expect in a regular backpack. We can offer custom hiking backpack service, if you have any idea, please leave us a message.

Best packable hiking backpack buying guide

lightweight packable backpack hiking daypack reviews

The main consideration when choosing a best packable hiking backpack is whether you will weight and packability or features and comfort.

Capacity: this is a 1.7L packable hiking backpack, you can hold your 3 days travel accessories. It has three pockets. The main pocket can hold your laptop, camera, notebooks. The middle pocket can hold your ipad and the front small pocket can hold the things you usually to use. On the side of the hiking backpack, it has mesh pocket. You can hold your water bottle and umbrella. one outside for easily accessible things like tissues and pens and one inside pocket for more valuable items like a phone.

Weight – The lighter, the better. We prefer this 0.3kg lightweight packable backpack.

Size When Packed – Most pack into the inside pocket to create a compact pouch that doesn’t take up much space in your main luggage.

Back and shoulder strap padding – Most don’t have back padding and only light shoulder padding. For heavier loads you might need more. This backpack has ergonomic design, you can feel free when you use this lightweight travel hiking backpack.

Back and shoulder strap padding

Durability – Check the quality of the fabric and zips before you commit. This durable packable hiking backpack use nylon material, it is waterproof. And with metal smooth zipper. The zipper can add coded lock to protect your personal items.

Adjustable shoulder strap - adjust the shoulder strap to satisfy you.

Colour: it has black or orange color to choose.

It’s no secret that carrying less weight is the best way to improve your comfort, performance, and endurance on the trail. And one of the most effective ways to do that is to use a lightweight packable backpack

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