Order crossbody sling backpack in large quantity, we can offer you mens sling bag backpack free shipping service. Custom sling bags with your logo at cheap prices are a great way to approach your target customer. Our backpacks bags crossbody are large enough to hold your personal item. In terms of convenient, the crossbody sling backpack is the best travel bag backpack.

Sling Backpack

single strap backpack with usb charging
single strap backpack back
Strap shoulder daypack
sling bag backpack man
one strap bag inside
single strap backpack with usb charging
single strap backpack back
Strap shoulder daypack
sling bag backpack man
one strap bag inside

Single Strap Backpack

Model: SA-7719plus

One strap backpack takes waterproof material, easy to maintain. We also supply one strap backpack amazon. In amazon, we also get good reviews from customers. One customer in amazon said “the cross body messenger is much better than expected in several areas” Protect your personal belongings from water. It is big enough to hold your 9.7inch ipad. Single strap backpack laptop is perfect for hiking, running, walking, cycling, day trip, day hike, day of sight-seeing, travel, camping, shopping, vacation, etc.

And single strap backpack laptop has many small pocket to hold your small personal items.the shoulder bag has headset hole design, it can let you enjoy the music everywhere. 

Water resistant

Usb charging port

Comfortable strap

Anti-theft design

Headset hole

Colour: Black

Material: Nylon


Can hold 9.7 inch laptop




Closed way: Zipper

Products Details

single strap backpack introduction

This is our one strap backpack. Maybe you have seen top 10 best adidas capital sling, but our backpack sling chest is as good as them. Our main product is men's single strap backpack. What's more, we will have new products about packable shoulder backpack. If you are an avid biker or enjoy other outdoor activities, then you are probably looking for some sort of convenient backpack. From improved mobility to overall convenience, crossbody bag is perfect for biking and other activities that require you to keep your hands free while concentrating on the task at hand,large single strap backpack and small single backpack for options.


6 Best  single strap bag in 2020, for men

1. One strap backpack with humanization design

Storage capacity. Size is the most common thing. You should consider when getting a travel sling backpack since a perfect size is the only key to maximum comfort. As a user, you should test the backpack to make sure that you are comfortable with the product. This single strap backpacks with ergonomics design. This kind of sling bag can hold your small laptop. Our backs are really crucial and taking care of them means fewer backaches that are stressful and painful. In the case of poor backs, backpacks tend to cause a lot of damage than good. So, we should take one strap crossbody to male your travel more pleasure. 

One strap crossbody

2. Strap backpack with multiple compartments

Carry your ipad to and from the office in this cross body bag. The large main compartment holds files and other supplies, and the antitheft zipper design keeps everything safe as you walk. This bag looks modern and professional. Single strap backpack is often small in size. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that these bags are useless. All you need for these backpacks to fit for your day to day movement, have a perfect Organization mechanism that not only guarantees you comfort but holds items perfectly. The main compartment can hold your 9.7 inch ipad and the other things. The front pocket can hold your cell phone, key, and some pens.

Multiple compartments sling bag

3. one strap backpack for school

Single strap backpack for school tend to small in size thank double strap backpacks. It can hold your laptop, it is suitable single strap backpacks for school. Therefore, they are lightweight and easy to manage. It takes polyester fiber. The materials behind these single strap backpacks are sturdy and long lasting. This is the high quality one strap shoulder backpack. It is waterproof and tear resistant for it is made of high quality nylon material. It also has SBS metal zipper along with the reinforced stitching which makes the backpack itself even more durable. This backpack has one main pouch and four small pouches that provide enough space for you to store your items like phones, tablets, books, and so on.

Single strap backpack for school

4. Sport strap backpack

This one shoulder strap backpack is great for hiking, camping, running, and many more. this one strap shoulder backpack can organize your iPad or tablet, your phone, and other items in together perfectly. Durable and portable at the same time as it is easy to use and will carry your belongings with you no matter where you go. Small single strap backpack is very light. We also have more lightweitht sport bag - fanny pack.

Sport strap backpack

5. Men single strap backpack for business

Water-proof fabric, scratch-proof, lightweight and breathable. Widened shoulder strap design. Headphone hole is set on the top to facilitate travel and sports while enjoying music. Easy to remove and replace, strong metal texture. Main bag, inside lie between the design such as bag makes goods receive convenient and practical.

Men's single strap backpack for business

6. Custom strap backpack

Business style or leisure style, we can meet your needs. Anti theft shoulder sling bag for men. USB charging port design. Nylon material. Headset hole design. Multiple compartments sling bag. Adjustable shoulder strap. Seal the deal with prospective new clients, or advertise your business with a stylish product that’s sure to receive wear around town. You’ll find a vast selection of bags to choose from and options for personalization including various colors and sizes. 

Best Single Strap Backpack Review Guide 2019

Single strap sling backpack customer reviews

We summaried some feedback about our well-made single strap backpack:
John said:" The one strap backpack quality is very good. Zipper is smooth, the handle has a handle, straps comfortable, carrying a heavy thing, because of ergonomic design is good, don't feel so heavy, there is ventilation design, sandwich, a drain side pockets, can put the things received neat, and this isn't a capacity also pretty big, and the headset line hole, like it very much"
Nick said:"The bag is not very big, usually go to work or go out to put some mobile phone wallet charging treasure hard drive what is very appropriate, the girlfriend always will foundation lipstick sunscreen stuffed in, carrying is not very drum, feeling very comfortable very fashionable.I think it is better than one strap backpack amazon."

Andrew said "Bag quality is very good, workmanship is also very fine, suitable for business people to use,. It doesn't look like much, but it can hold a lot of stuff, and it has lots of layers, especially for tablets, pens, computers, etc. The surface can drain water, handle and zipper texture is also very good, looks very classy."

Tony said" Many of the shoulder sling backpacks do not have comfortable compartments to keep the things at ease. But if you are someone who is interested in getting a much sorted shoulder sling backpacks, this could be your end to your shopping scene. It is the right product with right dimension. The large sling backpack boasts of huge compartments that none of the bags has yet had.

backpack hanging buckle

Single Strap Backpack Best Buying Guide 2020

Best single strap backpack purse for school, travel or everyday use. If you don’t have much EDC gear or things to bring with you when you’re moving around, the sling backpack is a great option for you.Versatile sling backpack purse with room for all your essentials. Perfect For Daily Use or as carry on luggage. Bag chest pack for Men & Women.  

single backpack purse 

Humanized design. Single strap backpacks is made of waterproof and anti-scratch handmade precision nylon that makes it perfect for travel and outdoor activities. It features an ergonomic design, so this bag is more comfortable to Ftote with no more aching neck. With the strap and the back are padded, breathable mesh doesn’t make you sweat.

Hidden Anti-Theft Pocket – Equipped with several smart pockets, Zipper anti-theft design. Protect your belongings everywhere. When you wear your anti theft sling bag on your back, you should care about your personal item. Because your eyes can't see what happen after your back. You should use the anti theft sling bag to protect your expensive things.

Zipper anti-theft design

USB charging port - External charging port design. This smart cross body backpack has usb charging port design, you can put your mobile power in the sling bag, and charge your phone outside the cross body backpack. Phones out of power? Charge it right now!
Headset hole design - Sling chest bag has headset hole design. Connect your music player. Put your phone in the secure single strap backpacks. Release your hands. Enjoy yourself in the countryside. Put aside all worries.
Multiple pockets - the main compartment can hold 9.7 inch ipad. The other small pocket can hold your phone, key, books and any other things. Multiple sling chest bag compartments help you load and hold multiple items in your backpack. The function is important since sling chest bag makes transportation easy. However, its main function is to distribute weight. With that, you are assured that damages are less likely to occur.

Breathable backpack one strap - Backpack with ergonomic design is important. It will make you more comfortable. Breathable shoulder strap is not easily deformed. A wide area shoulder backpacks straps guarantees you maximum comfort. With a padded shoulder strap, the strap can never cause back and shoulder strap. The comfortable surface leads to maximum blood circulation and a strong nervous system. As a result of that, comfort is a guarantee.

Breathable backpack one strap

Materialwaterproof sling bag edges ahead with its innovative designs and comfort factor. The long-lasting travel bag has a unique design and shape to give ease to the users. Additionally, the lightweight backpack comes with water-resistant material.

If you want a wish of possessing a lightweight bag, then the one strap backpack is the right choice.  Available in interesting design, the tough external material keeps it durable and comfortable to use. Whether a user wishes to use it for travel or working. Outdoor sling bags make it pleasant.

one Strap backpack benefits

  • one shoulder backpack Lightweight Option

If you don’t bring much things along with when you go outside, one shoulder backpack is the best choice for you to put a few belongings. Chest crossbody bag is a kind of backpack that has only one strap which you can put light stuffs for a hang out or short walk as it is easy and not bulky.

A sling bag chest backpack is imperative for be it the overnight picnic ideas or office touring, whether children are going to their tutoring classes or for a sleepover at a friend’s place, this capital sling backpack can never let you down. It can be called as the trendiest way to travel these days. Before heading towards the destination, everyone looks for comfort, and such messenger bag shoulder are just the right way to do so. We also have the other lightweight outdoor products backpacks waterproof.

  • Single strap  laptop backpack well design

One strap sling backpack edges ahead with its innovative designs and comfort factor. The best single strap travel bag has a unique design and shape to give ease to the users.

Storage space. This is the spacious crossbody one strap bag with main pocket which can be used to put books, tablet, or even a small 9.7inch laptop. It has the soft padded single strap that designed to offer the comfort and flexibility to you when you carry it around. Also, this one shoulder strap backpack has the reversible shoulder strap that allows you to easily change the strap direction to the left or the right base on your preference. The best part is the sling bag backpack is equipped with a hidden anti-theft pocket which is safe for cash, passport, credit cards and so on.

This water resistant shoulder backpack sling has usb charging port, you can charge your mobile phone anywhere. The one strap backpack also has the headset hole. Sling pack is 100% polyester, it is highly durable.

We are custom backpack maker, want to know more about multifunctional travel sling bag please contact us. We have not only one size chest bag.

  • Wearing men sling backpack in many ways

Some people sling single strap bag across the back, some people wear it in the front. How you wear a sling bag has its benefits. There are multiple ways to wear a one strap backpack. Whether it's front, back, shoulder or waist, we've got you covered. Different ways give you different feeling. We have made a summary about Different Ways of Wearing One Strap Bag.

where can i buy a One strap backpack

We are one strap backpack manufacturer, We mainly porduce sling backpacks, smart backpacks as well as cosmetic bags for sale. We have our own factory in Guangzhou Huadu. We have a complete set of production lines, from product research to after service. We also offer custom backpack service. We are focus on manufacturing mens one strap backpack, we are specialist in manufacturing one strap backpack purse.

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