Sling Backpack

single strap backpack with usb charging
single strap backpack back
Strap shoulder daypack
sling bag backpack man
one strap bag inside
single strap backpack with usb charging
single strap backpack back
Strap shoulder daypack
sling bag backpack man
one strap bag inside

Single Strap Backpack

Model: SA-7719plus

Water resistant

Usb charging port

Comfortable strap

Anti-theft design

Headset hole

Colour: Black

Material: Nylon


Can hold 9.7 inch laptop




Closed way: Zipper

Products Details

Strap shoulder daypack

If you are an avid biker or enjoy other outdoor activities, then you are probably looking for some sort of convenient backpack. From improved mobility to overall convenience, crossbody bag is perfect for biking and other activities that require you to keep your hands free while concentrating on the task at hand.

Benefits of shoulder backpack sling

If you dont bring much things along with when you go outside, one shoulder backpack is the best choice for you to put a few belongings. Chest crossbody bag is a kind of backpack that has only one strap which you can put light stuffs for a hang out or short walk as it is easy and not bulky.

A sling bag backpack is imperative for be it the overnight picnic ideas or office touring, whether children are going to their tutoring classes or for a sleepover at a friends place, this sling bag can never let you down. It can be called as the trendiest way to travel these days. Before heading towards the destination, everyone looks for comfort, and such messenger bags are just the right way to do so.

One strap sling backpack edges ahead with its innovative designs and comfort factor. The best single strap travel bag has a unique design and shape to give ease to the users.

This is the spacious crossbody one strap bag with main pocket which can be used to put books, tablet, or even a small 9.7inch laptop. It has the soft padded single strap that designed to offer the comfort and flexibility to you when you carry it around. Also, this one shoulder strap backpack has the reversible shoulder strap that allows you to easily change the strap direction to the left or the right base on your preference. The best part is it is equipped with a hidden anti-theft pocket which is safe for cash, passport, credit cards and so on.

This water resistant shoulder backpack sling has usb charging port, you can charge your mobile phone anywhere. The one strap backpack also has the headset hole.

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