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There are many top smart backpack in the market. We specialize in manufacturering backpack with usb charging. Comparing other laptop backpack with usb, our adventure is we can provide you OEM smart design bag service. Your design best usb charging backpack ideas can be satisfied here.

Smart Backpack

small black backpack
small backpack
small black backpack 14 inch
small black backpack back
small black backpack inner
small black backpack
small backpack
small black backpack 14 inch
small black backpack back
small black backpack inner

small black backpack

Model: SA-9981

tiny black backpack

Small black backpack has simple appearance.The little black pack is durable. The material of the black mini backpack is nylon & polyester. The small back pack is waterproof. As it is small, but it can hold 14 inch laptop in this little black back pack. The small black backpack has adjustable & breathable shoulder strap.

Colour: Black, blue

External material: nylon

Inside material: Polyester


Can hold 14 inch laptop

external dimensionmm:285*195*400

Interlayer sizemm:275*185*390



Closed way: Zipper

Inner structure: Computer interlayer

Water resistant

Usb charging port

Products Details

What is small black backpack?

The small black backpack is more dynamic and lighter. Although this backpack is not big, it can also meet your daily travel needs. Especially for students, it is very suitable. It can hold textbooks, cell phones, ipads, computers, clothes. There's plenty of room to put things in and room for a 14-inch computer. The small backpack weighs only 0.54 kg. How much does it weigh? Is equal to two iphone, or three eggs, or a can of coke! It's really light!

Small back bags are often used for biking, trailrunning and as climbing mini backpack bags. The backpack black are usually used in the city, but they are also suitable for 1 or 2 day outings. The little book bags are very suitable for students. The tiny black backpack can hold your books and the other things.

Little black backpack back

Main content of little black backpack

In market, there are many kinds of little black backpack, like leather mini backpack, fur mini backpack, checkered mini backpack and so on. However, our shoulder bag is nylon. This small black backpack is made of soft durable nylon fabric materials, USB charging port function to let you charge your phone free. We also sell small black backpack amazon. This cute small black backpack for teens are made of nylon on the outside and polyester on the inside. These mens small backpacks are all waterproof materials. Small black rucksack is good wrinkle resistance, high color fastness to rubbing, high worsted, durable.

Are small black backpack leather waterproof? It has some water resistance, but too much water will cause the leather to become wet. Leather can never be truly 100% waterproof - especially as the leather gets older and is left untreated. Nylon is durable, cheap, and lightweight for its durability. I search in the internet, some people say the nylon or polyester is not 100% waterproof. However, you put the backpack in the water, I think no one backpack is safe. The nylon backpack is the best material for water resistant backpack material. It protects the contents of your backpack from rain. Our waterproof backpacks for girls have its advantage.

 Backpack shoulder bag durable material

The small backback has tested against abrasion and scratch, and there is no damage at all! The black backpack made of selected high quality fabric. And 600D oxford fabric.

Black small backpack is high surface strength, strong negative gravity, no cracking. No deformation, no opening line, internal molecules closely arranged, low moisture regain. Little backpack is resistant to tear, strong tension, stable material. Most durable backpack stylish nylon exterior will last for years.Ideal for reducing shoulder or back pain that can be caused when carrying a normal purse. Ideal durable backpack, It's a great design that is stylish and appears durable. 

 breathable backpack strap


Simple design with pure color, this bag is perfect for daily use, suitable for working, school, traveling or shopping. Gift wishes! Smooth zipper, pull feel smooth without jam.

backpack with smooth zipper 

The cute small black backpack has breathable shoulder strap, built-in high elastic cotton, density is not easy to deformation.  Adjustable breathable mesh padded reinforced shoulder strap, thickened stretch cotton pad, cushioning pressure, abdominal muscle design, forming air guiding system, breathable perspiration, keeping the back fresh and natural.

 backpack shoulder belt

Shoulder strap buckle.

Small backpacks for girls is buckle adjustment, wear-resisting bending, not easy to break.

Black Mini Backpack advantage

This black mini backpack has the following strength:

 Black Mini Backpack advantage

  • Anti-theft and charging backpack. Small body, big brain. Small innovation, big use.
  • Perfect designed, but more suitable for modern life rhythm, fashion and convenient integration. 
  • Built-in USB socket, easy to solve the problem of charging on the road.
  • When cleaning the backpack. Please remove the data cable to avoid rust due to water contamination.

Do you want to see the professional backpack with charging port? We also have these series backpacks.

Let's see our tiny backpack video:

Men&Women Small Backpack For Sale

We have women's small black backpack and small black backpack mens. We are China Bag Mini Backpack manufacturers - wholesale 2019 high quality ladies&mens small backpacks online. We support custom backpack service.

New arrivals. Blue mini backpack. It is really suitable for college classes.

One of my customer said: I bought this tiny black backpack to use at college, and I love it. It is very true to color, the black is so nice. The padding on the back is super comfy! There is enough room in the laptop compartment for me to put my laptop in and have the cord in the back with it. I love the compartments and it is a very lightweight backpack, which is good for when you're walking really far across campus.Great backpack for a great price! This is a great purchase for this tiny black backpack. Ladies small black backpack can choose the black one, also suitable for small black backpack mens.

 Matching backpacks blue mini

How romantic it is to choose a customized gift for the one you love. And carrying matching backpacks, picnic together to enjoy the countryside. This black mini backpack has another colour, small blue backpack. Black is always fashionable color. Black has a noble, stable image. Blue is lively and gives people a sense of vitality.

We are tiny black backpack manufacturer. If you have any problem, you can leave us a comment.You can deign your own backpack, let us manufacture it.

Tiny black backpack selecting tips

You don't know how to select tiny black bacpack? Don't worry! We will give you the mini backpacks buying guide!


Some people will focus on the small black backpack style. The style includes appearance, size, colour, innovation design and the other things. 

  • Appearance.

A backpack for the desire backpack fashion man should balance practicality and appearance on equal terms. Day back should harmoniously blend into your overall look.

  • Size

Finding the perfect size backpack is a matter of selecting. The black small backpack is proportional to your body and that fits all the items you need to carry.


The day back is our daily necessities. The comfort of the day bag is an important thing. Nylon material is lightweight and waterproof. If you always go out, I think the small black fashion backpack is a best choice. Leather backpack looks stylish, but the leather backpack is heavy. Wearing it too long will feel tired. There will be some damage on the surface of the leather backpack if using for a long time.Heavy-duty backpacks are generally made of ultra-strong nylon material and YKK-grade zippers and straps of nylon. Adjustable and padded shoulder straps ensure the backpack sits comfortably, reducing the strain on your back. Ergonomic design back - can free your back. Backpacks with a comfortable back panel, breathable padded shoulder straps. The construction of a day bag contributes to user comfort, especially the shape of the backside, shoulder straps and padding.


The reasonable backpack organization can make your personal items orderly. You might prefer a lightweight load backpack or one with multiple compartments to store and easily access your utilities. The multi - pockets in a backpack, the better distribution and accessibility of your items. The front pocket can hold smaller, less bulky items.

Whether you're wearing it to the school, company, gym or on the daily use – it should blend into your overall look. Your personal image should matches your tiny black backpack.

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