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small black backpack
small backpack
small black backpack 14 inch
small black backpack back
small black backpack inner
small black backpack
small backpack
small black backpack 14 inch
small black backpack back
small black backpack inner

small black backpack

Model: SA-9981

Colour: Black, blue

External material: nylon

Inside material: Polyester


Can hold 14 inch laptop

external dimensionmm:285*195*400

Interlayer sizemm:275*185*390



Closed way: Zipper

Inner structure: Computer interlayer

Water resistant

Usb charging port

Products Details

What do you call a small backpack?


The backpack black are usually used in the city, but they are also suitable for 1 or 2 day outings.


The small backpack is more dynamic and lighter. Although this backpack is not big, it can also meet your daily travel needs. Especially for students, it is very suitable. It can hold textbooks, cell phones, ipads, computers, clothes. There's plenty of room to put things in and room for a 14-inch computer. The small backpack weighs only 0.54 kg. How much does it weigh? Is equal to two iphone, or three eggs, or a can of coke! It's really light!


Backpack shoulder bag material

Main content of day pack

 In market, there are many kinds of mini backpack, like leather mini backpack, fur mini backpack, checkered mini backpack and so on. However, our shoulder bag is nylon.

This backpack made of nylon on the outside and polyester on the inside.


These are all waterproof materials.


The backpack has tested against abrasion and scratch, and there is no damage at all!


The backpack made of selected high quality fabric. And 600D oxford fabric.


High surface strength, strong negative gravity, no cracking. No deformation, no opening line, internal molecules closely arranged, low moisture regain.


Resistant to tear, strong tension, stable material.


Good wrinkle resistance, high color fastness to rubbing, high worsted, durable.


Smooth zipper, pull feel smooth without jam.


Breathable shoulder strap, built-in high elastic cotton, density is not easy to deformation.


Shoulder strap buckle.

Buckle adjustment, wear-resisting bending, not easy to break.


Black Mini Backpack advantage


Anti-theft and charging backpack. Small body, big brain. Small innovation, big use.


Perfect designed, but more suitable for modern life rhythm, fashion and convenient integration.


Built-in USB socket, easy to solve the problem of charging on the road.


When cleaning the backpack. Please remove the data cable to avoid rust due to water contamination.


Matching backpacks blue mini

New arrivals. Blue mini backpack. It is really suitable for college classes.


How romantic it is to choose a customized gift for the one you love. And carrying matching backpacks, picnic together to enjoy the countryside.


Black is always fashionable color. Black has a noble, stable image. Blue is lively and gives people a sense of vitality.

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