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The 20 Best Work Backpack for Men of 2019

Views:  Update Date: Nov 22,2019

Best Work Backapck for Men Top 20

I spent a lot of time to find best work backpack for men online. That time has led me to find the professional backpack mens like anti-theft backpack, laptop backpack, and even briefcase. The best work backpacks also look professional, with the same swagger as a briefcase, but are as practical as the backpack you brought to school, even when stuffed to the brim. To find the best work backpack for men that actually look good. Let’s talked to professional backpack mens about the bags they rely on, Monday to Friday. Read on for their picks.

1. Classic laptop backpack 14.6 inch

Classic laptop backpack 14.6 inch

This classic laptop backpack is really practical! As you can see, this laptop backpack has three main compartment, the biggest compartment can hold the 14.6 inch laptop and the other things. The middle compartment can hold your ipad and the notebook. The small compartment can hold your things that is often used. What’s more, this classic laptop backpack’s material is really durable. Even if you hold a lot of things, your your back still feels light. Because this laptop backpack has breathable back cushion and padded strap. When you put on this classic laptop backpack, it has chest strap to fix the backpack.

2. 17inch best laptop backpack for travel

2.17inch best laptop backpack for travel

Amazing! This best laptop backpack for travel is 17inch! I think it is really suitable for the business person to take it for a short trip. This best laptop backpack for travel has digital combination lock, it can protect your personal things when you are in public. What’s more, this best laptop backpack for travel also has the usb charging port design, you can put your power bank in the backpack and charge your phone outside the backpack.

3. Multifunctional backpack: Best Choice for Those Wanting a Pratical Option

Multifunctional backpack

This black backpack has many function.

It has 15.6inch laptop compartment.

Digital combination lock.

It has dry and wet separation bag.

Can be inserted into suitcase Settings

The other feature like the first one that I said.

4. Office backpack for mens

Designed specifically for city dwellers and commuters, the office backpack for mens is ideal for carrying on everyday commutes.

Office backpack for mens

This backpack takes waterproof material. Even if it is rainy day, this sweetheart office backpack for mens also can protect your backpack. It can hold the 15.6inch backpack. Smooth zipper let you pleasure experience. It also has the ergonomic design, the backpack back is breathable. This portable design backpack is really suitable for you, business man.

5. Best laptop backpack for college, leisure style

Best laptop backpack for college, leisure style

This kind of laptop backpacks are casual style. It takes 600D cationic dyed polyester. A strong backpack surface is not easily broken. This backpack can hold 14 inch laptop. It is best laptop backpack for college. And it has USB charging port design.

6. 14.6 inch waterproof laptop backpack

14.6 inch waterproof laptop backpack

This waterproof laptop backpack takes polyester material. High density nylon lining for better water resistance and tear resistance. It can hold 14.6inch laptop. On the side of the backpack, you can hold your water bottle. And you don’t worry about the water bottle will fall, because the pocket has fixed strap. And it has a hidden pocket on the back, you can hold your ipad, phone and the other expensive things.

7. Professional backpacks for work

Professional backpacks for work

This professional backpacks for work can hold your 14.6inch/15.6inch laptop. It has reflective stripe on the backpack. When you walk at night, it can remind the driver. The portable part is very durable. You also can hold your water bottle on the backpack side.

8. Professional slim backpack well made

Professional slim backpack well made

This professional slim backpack is comfortable! It can hold your 15.6inch laptop. And the ergonomic back design can release your back pressure. And the professional slim backpack also has the reflective stripe on the backpack. What’s more, inner the backpack, it has a dry and wet separation bag. This slim backpack is really suitable for the business man or travel used.

9. 180°fashion office backpack

180°fashion office backpack

If you are a pursuit fashion business man, you can choose this fashion office backpack! It is not only fashionable but also practical. It is also a business laptop backpack, it can hold your 15.6 inch laptop & 9.7 inch ipad. It has two shock isolation layer to hold your laptop&ipad. There is a mesh pocket to hold your small items like notebook and purse. The backpack can open up to 180°.

10. Lightweight business laptop backpack

Lightweight business laptop backpack

This lightweight business backpack has simple appearance. It can hold 15.6 inch laptop. It has a hidden pocket on the back of the backpack, you can hold your mobilephone. Inner the pocket, it also has many small pockets. The surface of the backpack takes polyester material, it is waterproof&scratch proof. This lightweight business laptop backpack also can put in the luggage.

11. 3D fashionable business backpack

3D fashionable business backpack

3D fashionable business backpack can hold your 15.6 inch laptop. Inner the backpack, it has many reasonable pockets. In front of the backpack, it has a small pocket to hold your tissue. It has USB charging port design. You can charge your phone as you want. And the back has cushion. It is very comfortable.

12. Drawstring shoulder backpack

Drawstring shoulder backpack

This drawstring shoulder backpack is very lightweight. Like a bag. It can be foldable, it is very easy to store. It can hold your 14.6 inch laptop. The backpack material is water proof. It also can hold your water bottle. It has the pink colour and the black colour.

13. Ted Baker London Canddle Backpack

It's hard to go wrong with a simple black backpack. Ted Baker London's Canddle style is the perfect choice if a small black bag is what you're after. It's made out a tech fabric, so it's durable and easy to take care of.

14. State Bedford Backpack

Bedford comes in several different materials including nylon and canvas. The cotton twill version, however, is a bit more premium in quality and sophisticated in style.

15. Bean Mountain Classic Cordura Backpack

“They’re super functional and last forever — my mom still uses one I had in elementary school. This one felt ‘adult’ without being overly sleek.”

16. Crossbady business backpack

Crossbady business backpack

This one strap backpack also can see as the business backpack, it can hold your 9.7inch ipad.  Equipped with special burglarproof zipper and buckle, along with a magnetic hasp to protect the zippers, you can rest assured it is safe. Keep Everything in Order: The front zipper bag and magnetic hasp bag allow you to store iPad mini, iPhone 7 Plus, notebook, power band, etc., with several separate small compartments inside, it can effectively keep your small items like makeup, tissue, keys and so on.

17. Tumi Voyageur Carson Laptop Backpack

The expansive storage space. Favorite features is the “separate zipped compartment. It has many pocket to hold your items.

18. Large capacity men backpack

With 15 separate pockets, this travel laptop backpack is classically styled and can be used for large storage and storage. Separate 17.3-inch laptop compartment, as well as 17-inch, 15.6 and 15-inch MacBook/computers. 3 large main compartments and many hidden pockets can accommodate many accessories, such as clothing, mobile phone, wallet, stationery, notebook and keys; The bottle can be easily held in 2 side pockets with elastic mesh.

19. Baboon Backpack, Emerald Green

22-liter backpack for everyday use. The backpack is made of durable cordura nylon, has a built-in padded laptop sleeve.

20. Custom best work backpack for men 2010

Do you want to custom best work backpack for men? We can help you! We are backpack supplier&manufacturer. We offer custom backpack service and wholesale backpacks. If you have any idea, please follow us.

Best Work Backpack for Men of 2020 - Buyer’s Guide

There are many kinds of business backpacks available. We have compiled this business backpack buyer’s guide to aid you in understanding the ins and outs of this type of bag.


Size refers to how much the backpack can hold. Your backpack needs to be large enough to carry everything that you will need for all of your day to day business tasks. The business backpack should have a compartment large enough for your laptop or tablet. Maybe you will always be on a business trip, you should need a backpack that has dry and wet separation bag.


The feeling about wearing the backpack is important. The backpack is daily use thing, so the backpack comfort is very important. You should consider the backpack whole design. If the backpack has ergonomic design you will feel better. Using a professional backpack also makes your commute to and from work more comfortable. If you are rushing to a meeting, making your way through a subway station or walking across a busy street becomes more comfortable and convenient with a backpack style bag. You can look for versions with extra padding in the shoulder straps or an ergonomic design to increase the comfort level as well.


Your stuff was stolen is a unlucky thing. In order to avoid these unlucky things happening, you should need a business laptop backpack that has anti-theft design. The anti theft design like the digital combination lock, hidden pocket and so on. Many versions are crafted from material that is resistant to tearing or being sashed with a knife, another tactic of thieves and muggers. If the safety of your items is of the utmost importance, make sure to look for these helpful security features.

Best Work Backpack FAQ

1. What is the best work Backpack?

Backpack is the every day item. Whether you work, go to school, travel. A backpack is a convenient, comfortable and very popular way to carry work essentials. This article has introduces the best 20 business backpack for men, you can see it.

2. Are backpacks appropriate for business?

Nowadays, the backpack application is not clear. Common backpack also can be casual&business style. Our smart backpack also can hold your laptop, protect your personal. What’s more, it also has a fashion appearance.

3. Do backpacks damage clothes?

All of the weight of the backpack is carried on your shoulders. As you naturally move about while wearing a backpack, the straps and clothing underneath shift and twist with every step you take. However, or backpack has chest strap, it will fix the backpack to avoid damage your clothes.

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