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What is the Process of Making Backpack Custom?

Views:  Update Date: Sep 06,2019

Making backpack process

Proofing to the customer to confirm the sample. Which has been the most often bags manufacturer do. The manufacturer to customers proofing sample quality is absolute perfect. And the sample quality also directly reflects how manufacturers technical strength. So customers before the order will require manufacturers to make a sample first. Does anyone know the process of making samples for customized backpacks?


1. Determine the materials first


We must first determine what material to use to make the sample. Most customers are not familiar with the backpack fabric. Manufacturer will recommend the corresponding material according to the requirements of the customer. so that the customer can choose.


2, Backpack size and shape


Bag proofing. The size and shape of the bags are provided by the customer requirements. And then by the paper grid master. According to the needs of the analysis of the structure of the bags is reasonable. and the experience of accurate custom and corresponding to the needs of the bags look.


3. Determine the production process


If the above two points are done well. It is necessary to decide what kind of craft should be adopted. According to the materials of the backpack. Of course, it also depends on the style and route of the backpack. Bag manufacturers backpack is to allow designers to communicate directly with the enterprise. After confirming the design sample. And then let the master according to the design sample. To check the details of the bag and overall painting method.


4. Formal proofing


After all the preparation work is done, the sample can be normally made. A backpack is composed of several pieces of materials. And the finished backpack can be made through the relevant process. Done, also check bags overall sewing process. The arc and discounts in the processing of detail. If the process of the proofing is a failure. Even if such a sample to send to the customer is not approved by the customer. So the proofing samples all aspects to the quality pass.


When it comes to backpack proofing. Many people will think that the sample of the backpack manufacturer is more. We mainly do OEM processing. Backpack personalization processing. The factory is no inventory, are made according to the amount of customer delivery. A lot of guests we will have a lot of inventory. It is all a misunderstanding. after processing of a batch of large cargo we will only keep a model, in the sample room to display. Therefore, once the customer needs the sample. Especially the sample package printing provided by the customer. it is all handmade by the board maker alone.


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